CinemaNow to Start Streaming DTS-HD Surround Sound

The Best Buy-owned service is adding 4,000 movies and TV shows with DTS-HD surround sound.


The streaming audio/video market is one of the fastest growing segments of home entertainment, and DTS Inc. is looking to embed its surround sound technology all over the market.

DTS-HD surround sound is coming to Samsung and Best Buy’s CinemaNow digital entertainment service. A second quarter firmware update will add 4,000 movies and TV shows with the enhanced sound to CinemaNow. Samsung’s 2013 Web-enabled Blu-ray players and TVs will then receive software updates for access to the enhanced CinemaNow offerings.

DTS says it plans to expand DTS-HD availability through additional streaming and download services.

“Streaming has a very bright future and we are excited about collaborating with Samsung, Rovi and the services it powers, such as Best Buy’s CinemaNow, to deliver an unrivaled audio experience to consumers,” says Brian Towne, COO and executive VP of DTS, Inc. “We are committed to delivering the industry’s most immersive streaming and believe that consumers will appreciate the engaging entertainment experience that DTS-HD surround sound brings to their living rooms.”

Geir Skaaden, senior VP of product and platforms at DTS, says the audio isn’t lossless for streaming or download, but it is part of the DTS-HD bitstream. “It is a better experience,” he states. “It will be a similar level to Blu-ray even though it is compressed.”

Adds Skaaden, “There is more consumption of content on the digital platform and this is the first tie people will get Blu-ray quality movies with our partners Best Buy and Samsung. We’ve included more than 4,000 titles and when new titles become available we will have access to it with full HD and DTS Master Audio. Homeowners will have access to content with Samsung’s smart TVs and they can scroll this content by artwork [or other methods]. With the service there is no subscription and it offers options for renting or owning.

“We’re working hard to make a high quality experience available to all platforms,” says Skaaden. “Consumers may not have a full system, they just may have a soundbar, but they will see a great benefit. DTS-HD offers better quality separation and dialog will sound clearer than traditional streams.”

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