CINEAK Kicks Out (and Back) Strato+ Theater Chairs

The upgraded home theater line is based on the company's standard Strato model.


Back in 2011, CINEAK debuted the Strato sectional and home theater owners everywhere let out a collective, “aaahhh.” Now, the company is coming back to the product and tweaking it for your comfort.

CINEAK just introduced the Strato+, a slightly modified version of the standard Strato. The new version has an extended headrest, to offer extra head support for taller home theater owners and guests. Also, they’ve increased the overall depth of the back of the chair and slanted the backrest just slightly.

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The new changes do tweak the overall look of the Strato just slightly — that’s why the company is putting it under a new name!

Other features include a concealed dual motorized incline relax system, with push-button controls in the armrest.

CINEAK is selling the Strato+ now. Contact them about pricing and customization options, such as cupholders, automation, D-BOX Motion Control, and more. You can also get a sneak peek at what total comfort looks like in the video below.


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