CINEAK Ferrier Theater Recliner Relaxes You in Diamond Stitching

The new home theater chair features diamond-stitching patterns, an articulating headrest, and more.


Something about CINEAK’s new theater recliner makes us hungry for waffles. Maybe that’s because the Ferrier Recliner offers a very unique design, using diamond-stitching patterns.

Will it leave an impression during shorts season? Probably, since we could see spending hours upon hours in these chairs. More importantly, it will also leave an impression on you and your guests.– a good one.

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CINEAK says that each Ferrier chair has fine European leather or fabric upholstery to make it nice and comfy. Other features include a steel recliner mechanism in either manual or dual-motorized version, an articulating headrest, and a black or silver push-button to operate the mechanism.

For the comfiest experience possible, CINEAK has made the backrest and footrest operate independently. Also, the hand-cut foam cushioning of high-density foam boasts a long life.

CINEAK products are custom-made to order, so you have the option to personalize this seat with different stitching, colors, cupholders, trays, and much more — before you personalize it with your body imprint. Contact the company directly, for more info about options and pricing.


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