Checking Out RBH Sound S-10 and S-12 Subwoofers

Audioholics spent some quality time with two bass movers.


The two new additions, named the S-10 and S-12, make up RBH Sound’s S Series, and are designed for either two- or multi-channel audio systems requiring robust, articulate bass from a small footprint at a fantastic value. The two new subwoofers are the embodiment of RBH Sound’s commitment to producing audio products which meet the needs and wants of their dealers. “Our dealers are an invaluable resource when it comes to product design for value-driven products such as the S-10 and S-12,” said Shane Rich, RBH Sound’s Technical Director. “They provide us with the ‘real world’ aspect of our products, giving us insight as to what they really need for their clients, versus features that are just marketing hype.”

The S-10 and S-12 both incorporate RBH Sound’s proprietary aluminum cone technology. Bringing together a 10-inch aluminum cone woofer and a built-in 150 Watt amplifier in a tuned bass reflex design, the S-10 delivers pulse-pounding bass for small- to medium-sized rooms. The slightly larger S-12, with its 12-inch aluminum cone woofer and built-in 250-Watt amplifier, has more output capability and is designed for medium to large rooms. Both models utilize feature-laden, high-efficiency, class D amplifiers that facilitate easier installation and configuration with any audio system, regardless of the room or surround processor.

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The S Series powered subwoofers are priced at $499/each for the S-10, and $699/each for the S-12. The S-12 is shipping now, and the S-10 is slated to ship at the end of this month.

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