Channel Vision Let’s You Trade Up to Newer Stuff

Trade-up program on electronics helps you save money on upgrades.


Channel Vision’s ARIA 5.25″ In-Ceiling Custom Installation Speaker.

There’s one thing you can depend upon when you buy any electronic system—next year there will be a better one. This sometimes leads to buyer’s remorse when you see the cool new features of version 2.0 of the product you bought a year ago.

Channel Vision, a company that makes home security, IR remote systems, audio/video distribution systems and structured wiring products has a new plan to lesson that buyer’s remorse. It launched Trade Up Program that allows customers to update their existing Channel Vision product to the newest, next-generation product while saving money.

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Customers may participate in the Channel Vision Trade Up Program by filling out the Trade Up Program online form. After completion of the online form, customers will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to ship the product they would like to trade up. In exchange, Channel Vision will send out the latest model and take 30 percent of the current price. All electronic units are eligible for the Trade Up program, working or not.

Not only does the Trade Up Program allow customers to stay updated with the latest technology, but Channel Vision will also recycle the returned product at no additional charge. Customers no longer need to worry about proper disposal or filling up landfills. Additionally, all working products returned will be donated to charity. There are no time lines to conform to; any Channel Vision electronic unit is eligible – at any time.

“We are committed to providing the latest technology to our customers,” says Darrel Hauk, president and CEO of Channel Vision. “The Trade Up Program is not only an easy way for customers to upgrade to the most current products that best meet their needs, but also a safe way to recycle their old products.”


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