Ceiling Lights Add a Splash of Color in This Home Theater

Controllable ceiling lights set a colorful backdrop for this 400-square-foot home theater system.

MediaTech Home Theater with Ceiling Lights

Like a black hole, but without the nefarious connotations, this unusual and eye-catching 400-square-foot home theater draws the homeowners in for countless hours of high-style, high-tech entertainment. Along those lines, the visually interesting and innovative “vortex” ceiling served as inspiration for the entire theater.

After discovering work by Brooklyn, N.Y.-based NYCeiling in a magazine, the homeowner wanted to accomplish something just as exciting in his own unfinished basement remodel. The custom electronics (CE) professionals at MediaTech in St. Charles, Ill., worked with NYCeiling and interior design firm Oak Valley Design to achieve a unique effect, installing LED rope ceiling lights, giving it the chameleon-like ability to change color at the homeowner’s whim. In conjunction with the pattern on the exceptionally large 11-foot stretched-fabric ceiling, the lighting produces a mesmerizing 3D effect and serves as the room’s focal point.

“This project was both fun and challenging because we had never worked with a stretched-fabric ceiling or used RGB rope lighting,” says a MediaTech spokesperson. “While the owner had a vision for the ceiling, he gave us and the designers a blank canvas. The theater grew organically from there into what is now a unique space.”

MediaTech Home Theater with Ceiling Lights

Elements of the rope and ceiling lights are applied elsewhere in the room, like on the series of stretched-fabric LED backlit light boxes, also designed by NYCeiling, with lighting work by MediaTech. Oak Valley Design installed individual leather squares on the side walls to mimic the pattern on the ceiling lights and reflect the LED light color, giving the theater a cohesive appearance that is only interrupted by the tomato red Acoustic Innovations theater seating—a sort of nod to the movie palaces of yesteryear.

MediaTech also surrounded the 145-inch Stewart Filmscreen screen with the soft glow of LED light to complete the effect. An Epson 6010 projector provides a bright image for less money, while a 7.2-channel Bowers & Wilkins surround-sound system immerses the audience in the onscreen action. Despite its stunning good looks, when the theater is activated, it’s the A/V that becomes the real star of the show.

AMX control is the foundation of the home theater and the entire home, including the Enova DGX AV Matrix system. AMX control allows the homeowners to operate the lights, climate, CCTV cameras, A/V, and more. In addition to centralized control, MediaTech’s Capture and Play technology lets the homeowners customize all of the connected subsystems to their liking, then save them to be re-created at any time at the touch of a single button. It’s like taking a snapshot of your home systems, without the need for complex programming or a service call.

MediaTech Home Theater with Ceiling Lights

Equipment List

  • Acoustic Innovations Spencer Theater Chairs (12)
  • AMX AVS-ENOVADGX16-ENC Enclosure Frame
  • AMX AVS-ENOVADGX32-VI-HDMI Input Cards (3)
  • AMX AVS-ENOVADGX32-VO-DXLINK Output Cards (2)
  • AMX AVS-ENOVADGX32-VO-HDMI Output Cards (5)
  • AMX EXB-IRS4 IR Control boxes (3)
  • AMX MET-6N-WH Metreau Audio Keypads (8)
  • AMX MIO-R4-ZGW Remote with Zigbee Pro Gateways (3)
  • AMX NI-3101-SG main controller
  • AMX PSN6.5 Power Supply
  • AMX TPC-IPAD-R iPad Control Licenses (3)
  • AMX-TPC-iTOUCH-PHONE iPhone Control Licenses (2)
  • Anthem AVM50 Preamplifier
  • Anthem PVA7 Power Amplifier
  • Autonomics MMS-5 Media Server
  • Autopatch AVS-PL-1818-00P 18X18 Matrix Switch
  • Bowers & Wilkins CCM663 In-Ceiling Speakers (22)
  • Bowers & Wilkins CCM682 In-Ceiling Speakers (2)
  • Bowers & Wilkins CWM7.3 Speakers (3)
  • Bowers & Wilkins CWM7.4 Speakers (4)
  • Bowers & Wilkins Outdoor Speakers (4)
  • Bowers & Wilkins ISW4 In-wall Subwoofers (6)
  • Bowers & Wilkins Panorama Surround bar
  • Bowers & Wilkins SA250MK2 Sub Amplifiers (3)
  • Cisco Catalyst 26 Port Gigabit Network Switches (2)
  • Cisco RV042G Router
  • Crown CDi1000 Amplifier
  • Epson Powerlite Pro Cinema 6010 Projectors (2)
  • Lutron QS Dimmers (84)
  • Lutron QS Hybrid Repeaters (3)
  • Lutron QS P6 Processor
  • Lutron Touch Pro Thermostats (5)
  • Marantz SR7005 AV Receiver
  • Monster HTUPS 3700 CI Power Centers (2)
  • Sanus CFR2144 Equipment Racks (2)
  • Sanus Rack Power Strips (2)
  • Speakercraft Vital 1250 Amplifiers (2)
  • Stewart Filmscreen 123-inch Screen
  • Stewart Filmscreen 145-inch Screen
  • Wirepath 8-Channel DVR
  • Wirepath Day/Night CCTV Cameras (6)

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