CasaTunes Launches Multi-Room Music Servers

The new collection can support up to 24 wired and 10 wireless rooms.


Rocking out can’t be contained to just one room in the house. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be because CasaTunes just announced a new line of CasaTunes Multi-Room Music Servers.

Designed to work seamlessly with most AV receivers, CasaTunes Music Servers offer a lot of options. For instance, users can stream to three wired rooms with five going completely wireless. However, if you’ve got a big house to fill, you can snag a system that can support up to 24 wired and 10 wireless rooms.

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CasaTunes says that each system can distribute music to wired and wireless speakers, via Airplay, multi-channel amps and multi-zone AV receivers. Opt for a different playlist in every room or get the house rocking all to the same tune; the system can be controlled via the company’s iOS and/or Android apps, as well as a web browser or keypad.

“Our new CasaTunes Music Systems scale, both in terms of performance and cost, matching the needs of smaller homes as well as larger homes,” said David Krinker, CEO of CasaTunes. “Our CasaTunes systems provide installers great flexibility, allowing them to install a wired-only solution, a wireless-only solution, or a hybrid wired and wireless solution. The Multi-Zone AV Receiver integration adds even more flexibility, allowing homeowners to leverage their current technology to power CasaTunes music servers throughout the house.”

CasaTunes says that each of its Multi-Room Music Servers are available now. Prices will vary depending on the configuration. However, something like the CasaTunes CT-3 multi-room music system with three AirPlay speakers can be purchased for as little as $1,999 and used as a six-room solution.

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