CasaTunes Air Plays Multiple AirPlay Streams Simultaneously

The new multiroom music system can combine wired and wireless solutions.


The latest buzzword in audio has been AirPlay. Having Apple’s AirPlay technology built into a device means that you, the listener, can stream all sorts of goodies wirelessly to that device, from iTunes, as well as an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

There are certainly a lot of AirPlay-enhanced products popping up. CasaTunes is adding the capability into its latest software upgrade, CasaTunes version 4 with CasaTunes Air. The hook on this, however, is not just that it adds AirPlay features into the CasaTunes line. It also allows users to play multiple AirPlay streams simultaneously to various rooms in the house.

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Combining wired and wireless solutions into one audio experience, CasaTunes Air can send music to Airplay speakers and receive music from Airplay-enabled devices. The possibilities for music apps and services are endless.

Once the software is installed on the CasaTunes system, CasaTunes Air will automatically find all of the AirPlay-enabled devices on the network. That may include receivers, speakers, the Apple TV, and more. You’re going to need an installer to complete the web-based CasaTunes Setup utility, which allows you to assign devices to different rooms in the house.

From there, CasaTunes Air users can stream music from one or more iPod touch, iPhone and/or iPad devices, all at the same time to any wired or wireless device, as well as a combination of components. Besides iTunes and stored music, users can also stream music services, such as iHeart Radio, MOG, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody and Spotify. (Subscriptions and/or fees may apply.)

“CasaTunes Air is ideal for retrofit installations and to extend existing systems where customers have maxed out their wired solution but are still looking to add music in more rooms,” said David Krinker, CEO of CasaTunes. “Wireless solutions are also preferred in smaller installations where customers can grow their systems over time. CasaTunes Air combines the best of wired and wireless systems.”

CasaTunes version 4 with CasaTunes Air is expected to ship later this month. After the release, it will be included in the entire line of CasaTunes music servers and include support for third-party systems.


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