Buy Me: Sprawled Out Texas Theater

The home theater is just a very small, very cool piece of this 13-acre property.


Everything is truly bigger in Texas. At least the property on this MLS listing seems to be quite supersized.

The 13-acre purchase does include a 4,777 square-foot home, which has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and two half-bathrooms.

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However, if you’re more impressed with technology than the number of bathrooms, this estate doesn’t disappoint. It has a full home theater with as many theater seats as there are bathrooms. We’re not sure how the view is from those side seats, but they do look comfortable.

The home theater also has a 133-inch screen, a mounted projector, and a full speaker system. The equipment rack sits near the back for easy access. Also, as a nice touch, the room has several illuminated poster cases throughout the room.

This area is obviously a showpiece, and has the wet bar to prove it! Located in the corner of the room, this spot is perfect for concessions and maybe even a few barstools.

Other home features include two fireplaces, plenty of storage space, a stone patio with an outdoor kitchen and firepit, and enough waterfront access so you can fish at night. For a look at what else $1.15 million can buy, check out the listing.


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