Bryston Uses Previous Releases to Inspire BP17 Preamplifier

The company's latest has balanced outputs and circuitry based on the SP-3 surround processor.


Bryston’s new BP17 preamplifier sounds like a bit of a Frankenstein component. Of course, it’s a lot prettier than something that was cobbled together in a basement lab. However, it does include some pieces from the company’s previous products.

Bryston just announced the new analog/digital stereo preamplifier, saying that it was derived from the premp portion of the B-135 integrated amplifier. It also includes some of the analog circuitry used in the company’s SP-3 processor platform.

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The end result promises advanced analog circuitry, power supply design and isolation techniques, all designed for the most discriminating audiophiles. Other features include a software-controlled motorized analog volume dial and integrated balance control, as well as provisions for six stereo RCA inputs (four with DAC option), one stereo RCA output, one stereo tape loop and a headphone output.

“We have reduced Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) levels in the BP17 by utilizing buffer amplifiers optimized for wide open-loop bandwidth and low open-loop THD,” explained Bryston CEO Chris Russell. “These carefully selected components essentially eliminate the increase in THD with rise in frequency exhibited by almost all op-amps, giving the BP17 phenomenal detail and complete lack of grain in the sound field. The BP17 also features a brand new balanced action volume control, eliminating another source of distortion while maintaining channel-to-channel tracking within 1/10dB over the full range of control.”

The BP17 will be available in four configurations. There’s a standard model and options for a moving magnet phono stage, a high-resolution internal DAC, or fully loaded with both the DAC and phono stage.

According to Bryston, the BP17 will be available this month, with a starting price of $3,550.


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