Brighter LCD TVs on the Horizon?

3M technology poised to boost the vibrancy and richness of colors on LCD screens.


Thanks to a new technology developed by 3M, the colors you see on the screen of your smartphone, tablet and TV will look brighter, richer and more vibrant.

The company’s 3M Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) allows up to 50 percent more color than current levels in liquid crystal display (LCD) devices. 3M has teamed with Nanosys, Inc., to produce the 3M QDEF solution specifically to deliver more color, and to make devices such as smart phones, tablets and televisions, lighter, brighter and more energy efficient. According to 3M, “wide color gamut” displays will more closely represent what we see in the real world, providing a more visceral, more immersive experience.

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“One of the many advantages of the new 3M QDEF solution is the film’s ability to deliver richly-saturated colors, while minimizing power consumption – a difference you can clearly see,” said Ty Silberhorn, vice president and general manager, 3M Optical Systems Division.

3M will make the technology available to manufacturers later this year, so it may be awhile before we see these super-bright products hit the market.

Here’s a technical explanation of the QDEF provided by 3M:

“QDEF utilizes the light emitting properties of quantum dots to create an ideal backlight for LCDs, which is one of the most critical factors in the color and efficiency performance of LCDs. A quantum dot, which is 10,000 times narrower than a human hair, can be tuned to emit light at very precise wavelengths. This means display makers can create a highly-optimized backlight that only produces the exact wavelengths of red, green and blue light needed by an LCD for optimal color and energy performance. Trillions of these quantum dots protected by barrier film fit inside an LCD backlight unit. The new film replaces one already found inside LCD backlights, which means the manufacturing process requires no new equipment or process changes for the LCD manufacturer.”

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