Boston Acoustics Debuts TVee One Speaker for Under the TV

The new speakerbar includes Bluetooth connectivity and five listening modes.

We’ve seen a ton of soundbars lately. Boston Acoustics is adding yet another option to its TVee line, announcing the new TVee One. The big difference between this model and the rest of the company’s soundbar lineup is that this one is designed to go directly under the TV.

That means it’s not really for wall-mounting. Instead, it’s designed to hold TVs up to 60 pounds. It can add some decent sound to those TVs as well.

Inside, the two-way speaker has 0.5-inch tweeters and 2-by-5-inch woofers. It also has Bluetooth support, so users can stream content to the speaker from any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Another perk is that the TVee One has five different sound modes, so you can tweak the speaker to match whatever you’re watching. Those options include Movie and Movie Wide for Dolby and DTS soundtracks, Music and Music Wide, and a Dialog mode for everyday TV watching. There’s also a Night Mode (so ok, it’s technically six modes), which optimizes the speaker’s sound for late-night viewing.

Other features include Boston’s own Digitally Optimized Virtual Surround (DOVS) technology and BassTrac patented circuitry, as well as optical, coax and analog inputs. Also, users can opt to use the included remote or a learning feature that allows the speaker to be controlled by your existing TV controller.

“As today’s flat-panel TVs get thinner and thinner, so does their sound quality,” said Paul Belanger, product manager for Boston Acoustics. “The new TVee One offers consumers a simple way to raise their televisions’ audio performance to the same high level as the video — creating a more powerful and enjoyable home-theater environment in any room. The TVee One is designed to hold medium to large flat-screen TVs and offers a host of high-performance components to deliver intense, enveloping sound.”

Boston Acoustics is packing the TVee One with a TV speaker base, a remote, a detachable power cord, an optical digital audio cable, a 1/8-inch stereo analog audio cable and a 1/8-inch to RCA cable adapter. It’s selling now, with an MSRP of $299.

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