Bond HD Channel Launching in the UK

Sky will start showing all 22 James Bond movies in HD in early October.


He gets the bad guys and the ladies. Why not his own network?

According to Engadget HD, Sky will soon launch a 24-hour James Bond TV network. Starting October 5, the UK broadcaster will start airing all 22 Bond movies in high-def. That includes the most recent installment, 2008′s Quantum of Solace, as well as 1967’s Casino Royale, which starred David Niven, Peter Sellers and Woody Allen.

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So if you’re not willing to spend $299.99 (MSRP) on the upcoming Bond 50 box set, you can still get your Bond in HD — at least if you live within Sky’s broadcasting circle. It doesn’t appear that this channel will be offered to U.S. audiences.

Another perk is that content will also be available through Sky Go, which is available to subscribers on the iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac and select Android devices.

Not to worry though; the channel will only air for one month, in an effort to pump up viewers for the release of the 23rd Bond adventure, Skyfall. Daniel Craig’s third Bond outing will drop into theaters on October 26, 2012.


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