Blu-Ray Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

A suspenseful mystery thriller novel turned film doesn't disappointment with quality acting, audio, and video.


Adapting Stieg Larsson’s 458-page novel into a 2-1/2 hour mystery thriller is no easy task, but director David Fincher manages to create an experience that will stick in viewers’ minds. The surprising, multi-dimensional script coupled with outstanding performances by an international cast, makes for a suspenseful film.

Home Theater Forum’s Richard Gallagher reviewed the Blu-ray release and had these thoughts:

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The image is exceptionally sharp and well-detailed, and it appears to be properly framed. Colors and flesh tones are accurate. Much of the action takes place at night or in dark spaces, and the solid black levels and excellent shadow detail handle those scenes extremely well.


Dialogue is clear and understandable, and the surround channels are very effective at conveying ambient sounds.

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