Blu-Ray Review: The Beaver

There was a time when Mel Gibson could make any film great. Not by his fault, this movie isn't made for everyone.


Puppets are often thought of nothing more a child’s toy, but in The Beaver, a stuffed character helps a successful head of a toy company, Walter (played by Mel Gibson) handle his deepening depression. The niche film certainly isn’t for everyone not because of the cast, but because of the script. But if you’re willing to go through it anyway, here’s what Home Theater Forum thought of the recent Blu-ray release:


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The film has a nice, clean look that made for a very enjoyable viewing. I didn’t detect any banding or major errors in the encode, and with the per pixel data rate, this should be a very solid conversion of the presentation on film.


This is a film that features no really big audio moments to stand out. The soundtrack is understated, and it is mostly a dialog heavy film.

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