Blu-Ray Review: Stir Crazy

An entertaining comedy featuring several eccentric characters follows a couple of friends through a maximum-security prison.


The film Stir Crazy follows an unemployed writer (Gene Wilder) and his unemployed actor friend (Richard Pryor) on a trip from New York to Hollywood. The movie takes a turn when the duo is framed for bank robbery and end up in prison instead of sunny California.

Home Theater Forum’s Matthew A reviewed the Blu-ray release and had these thoughts:

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The film is presented in its original aspect ratio of 1.85:1 in an above-average AVC-encoded transfer. It’s fairly dark in low-lit scenes but relatively bright in the exteriors, with strong color saturation and excellent sharpness.


While the dialogue has the distinctive sonic qualities of 70s mono films, such as compression and very slight distortion, it’s not unpleasant to listen to.

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