Blu-Ray Review: Proof

The film introduces two mysteries that propel the movie forward.

While the movie revolves around a brilliant young woman dealing with the death of her schizophrenic mathematician father, audiences won’t be mystified by mathematical equations. Proof focuses more on the characters to tell the story.

Home Theater Forum’s Todd Erwin reviewed the Blu-ray release and had these thoughts:

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Details are very good in close-ups, but there seems to be a touch of softness in the image during wider shots, particularly in the opening sequence as Catherine rides her bicycle across campus, with the manicured lawns looking like green smears, despite having a very high bit rate.


This is a dialogue-driven film, so the surrounds and LFE are rarely used, mostly to enhance the ambiance of a scene. Dialogue is always clear, and Stephen Warbeck’s score fills the soundstage nicely.

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