Blu-Ray Review: Green Lantern

Five decades of comic book stories crammed into one movie can be a bit much.


A comic book series that has been around for years must be good, but somehow the cinematic adaptation doesn’t live up to be all that it could. Despite a combination of comic-book-style action and good casting, the film falls short by trying to add too many elements.

Home Theater Forum’s Ken McAlinden reviewed the Blu-ray release and had these thoughts:

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This is one of the most darkly lit films I have reviewed on Blu-ray, and while, for the most part, the video presentation provides a serviceable rendering of the difficult material, I did notice a handful of issues with crushed blacks and noise in the darkest areas of the screen.


The various action set-pieces are predictably the highlights of the mix, but the fill surround field is used effectively even during some quieter moments. Alternate language Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks are provided for the Theatrical Version only in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai.

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