Best New TVs from CES

TVs still dominate CES


Ultrabooks and tablets and other portable cellphone nonsense aside, the coolest products of CES 2012 are always the TVs. Let’s face it—the biggest gadget in the house (unless you have a walk-in freezer) is probably your TV. It’s also the one you spend the most time enjoying (that freezer might be a close second). So for most people, CES is about the televisions (what is an Ultrabook anyway but a goofy name for a thin laptop?). We love big TVs, thin TVs, high resolution TVs and TVs that do things we didn’t expect them to do.

Here we round up the newest trends in HDTV as discovered in the products announced at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show. Most of these TVs will actually make it to market this year (typed with fingers crossed), but some of the technologies are still in the early stages of development.

We’d love to let you know what this stuff is going to cost, but releasing prices at CES seems to have passed out of style a few years ago, so most of the new products were announced without pricing, some even without model numbers.


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