Best Buy Promises Blu-rays at DVD Prices

The retailer is offering coupons in exchange for old titles.


Best Buy is having a bit of a fire sale — and not just at the stores that the company is planning to close. The mega-retailer just announced a new promotion called Upgrade & Save. The end result will allow customers to pay DVD prices for new Blu-ray titles.

The catch is that you actually have to be willing to part with one of your existing DVDs, along with a little extra cash. Just bring one of the DVDs on Best Buy’s approved list to any BB store, and the clerk will give you a $5 coupon toward the purchase of a Blu-ray.

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Each eligible DVD will net you one coupon, with up to five trades allowed per visit. Coupons can’t be combined; however, when your trades are completed, you could be scarfing up new Blu-ray titles at DVD prices.

Home Media Magazine cites an example at a Minneapolis-based Best Buy store, where the newly released Mark Wahlberg movie Contraband is on sale for $19.99. With that $5 coupon, this purchase would be $14.99, which is actually $1 less than this title’s DVD price.

Take a peek at the ad in Best Buy’s most recent circular for a list of eligible titles. The retailer says that the offer may vary by store, so make sure to check with the one in your area for more details.


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