BenQ’s W770ST Projector Delivers Short-Throw Images for $649

The new budget-friendly home theater projector is perfect for smaller spaces.

Many people don’t have the room for a giant home theater. That said, space isn’t really a valid excuse to ditch the idea all together. You see, manufacturers know this as well, which is why the short-throw projector exists.

A short-throw projector can make big images in small spaces. The latest is the W770ST from BenQ. Not only is this option perfect for a smaller room, but it’s good for the smaller budget as well. The company is shipping the W770ST now, with an MSRP of $649.

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The W770ST has a 720p image, Colorific technology, and BenQ’s own SmartEco energy-saving feature.

Because it’s a short-throw projector, the W770ST can cast an image more than 62 inches wide at 40 inches from the screen. Other features include 2500 ANSI lumens, an integrated 10-watt speaker, DarkChip3 technology, and the option for 3D.

“Our new W770ST projector was designed to bring the most complete value proposition to home theater enthusiasts at the lowest possible cost,” said Kristin Kennedy, BenQ’s associate VP. “As a bold step for BenQ, we are making premium features such as our world-leading SmartEco lamp-saving technology fully accessible on the entry-level device. When paired with the flexible installation features of short-throw projection, the W770ST becomes an unparalleled solution in the home projector marketplace, providing customers with a comprehensive hub for any entertainment application.”

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