bēm wireless Provides Sound for Every Plug

The new outlet speaker is available now.


Apparently, there are a lot of music lovers that don’t want to rely on rechargeable power for an on-the-go fix. Now, manufacturers are trying to come up with a portable speaker that also needs its power source.

Firmly following in the footsteps of JBL’s SoundFly, bēm wireless has started shipping its Outlet Speaker. That’s actually the product’s official name, which makes perfect sense since it works in conjunction with any standard outlet. It also works with Bluetooth, wirelessly accepting music from any smartphone, tablet or other compatible source.

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According to bēm wireless, the speaker is about the size of a juice box. Just plug it in at the home or office, and start streaming. It boasts a range up to 25 feet. Because it has a built-in power adapter, it never needs to be charged. Other features include a USB port, aux in and aux out options, and a soft touch finish.

“Our thought behind the outlet speaker is to enhance the consumer’s everyday life. We believe big sound doesn’t necessarily need to come from a big speaker,” says Bryan Katzel, bēm’s director of marketing and product development. “The beauty behind the outlet speaker is in its simplicity. Plug it in while cooking dinner without taking up any counter space, stick it in an outlet behind your desk at work to hear your favorite tunes to spark your creativity, or tuck it behind the living room couch to fill your home with great music.”

Available in black or white, the Outlet Speaker is shipping now with an MSRP of $99.99.


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