Bedroom Theater Has Projector and 110-inch Screen

When it's time to watch a movie, this homeowner loves to get horizontal.


Today’s theater chairs allow you to stretch out to almost any position. There are a lot of comfy options out there. However, when it came to movie watching, Paul Lucas knew that the best position was completely horizontal, so he put a full home theater in his bedroom.

When Paul first decided to put in a theater, he was scoping out the basement — as many people do. He ultimately decided on his bedroom for several reasons. Of course, it’s unique and he had the room for it. However, he says that it turned out to be way more convenient than any other area in the house.

“Laying in bed at night, falling asleep to a movie in my movie theater bedroom feels amazing,” he says. “I can set it up so it turns off automatically at a certain time to save lamp longevity.”

Paul hired several pros to install the projector, screen, speaker and wiring. He also needed installers to do the acoustic wall panels, the flooring and the fireplace. The room includes a JVC DLA-RS25 projector, Monitor Audio speakers, Yamaha’s RXV-V1900 receiver, two star projectors, and much more. Oh, and if Paul has guests over, he doesn’t expect everyone to huddle on the bed; there’s guest seating located around the room.

For more a quick tour of Paul’s theater, check out the video below. He also has more info, more pics, and a few tips on his website’s bedroom theater article.

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