Bay Audio Reveals LW1210 Invisible Loudspeaker

The new audio option has a compact form factor that's ideal for soffits and other challenging locations.

Now you see it, now you don’t. In the case of the Bay Audio LW1210, it’s doesn’t really matter — as long as you can hear it.

The “it” in question is a new invisible Live-Wall speaker model, known as the LW1210. It has a three-layer design with a woven fiberglass diaphragm, along with “aeronautical adhesives and an asymmetrical star pattern.” The makeup promises to eliminate standing waves and deliver a perfectly balanced frequency response.

They’re invisible because once installed, you can cover it with drywall mud, then paint or paper over it.

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Other features include a 160-degree off-axis dispersion (-3dB), a 1.25-inch voice coil, a 6dB down point at 65Hz, and a 100-watt protection circuit. Also worth mentioning is that the LW1210 is compact, but also has durable materials that can withstand high-humidity installations such as bathrooms.

“The LW1210 is more compact than the LW1218, giving integrators a nimble, durable and more affordable option for just about any wall or ceiling application while retaining the magic of invisibility,” said Bay Audio CEO Ira Friedman. “The LW1210’s proprietary asymmetrical star pattern feathers and dissipates high frequency energy as it propagates toward the edge of the speaker to achieve the most natural and balanced sound.”

The LW1210 is now available, alongside Bay Audio’s other invisible offerings, the LW1218 speaker and the LWSub invisible subwoofer. The LW1210 is priced at $500 each.

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