Bay Audio PTM+ Speakers Come with Onsite Speaker Tweaks

The PTM+ home theater solution will match loudspeakers and factory tuning onsite.

The three PTM+ subwoofers.

Bay Audio is looking to take some of the work out of choosing the right speakers. The company just introduced the PTM+ home theater solution, which will combine the company’s speaker line with onsite factory tuning.

To create the perfect speaker setup, installers must provide Bay Audio with two worksheets. One will address the specs of your room, with the other outlining the design and decor. From there, Bay Audio will put together a perfectly tuned theater solution based on your wants, room and budget. Once the system is up and running, someone from Bay Audio will actually show up at your house to calibrate output levels, equalization, time alignment and any other adjustable parameters of the system.

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Of course, Bay Audio’s PTM+ speakers are part of this theater package. Standard sizes include a compact, high-output monitor, a center channel, an in-wall loudspeaker, a bass staging module and subwoofers in three sizes. Those speakers include 1-inch MDF cabinet designs veneered inside and out, crossover networks utilizing 5 percent resistors, 250-volt polypropylene capacitors, high-quality bypass capacitors and 12-gauge internal wiring. The entire lineup is also customizable to accommodate each installation.

“The PTM+ concept gives our dealers access to the engineering expertise at Bay Audio as a resource, enabling them to create the most satisfying home theater environment for each client,” explained Bay Audio CEO Ira Friedman. “PTM+ differentiates our brand and in turn, helps our dealers differentiate themselves in a competitive market.”

Bay Audio PTM+ theater systems are available now via authorized and certified dealers.

Bay Audio’s entire PTM+ speaker lineup.

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