Bang & Olufsen On-wall Speakers Tilt Automatically

Stylish, Motorized in-Wall Speakers Set a New Aesthetic Standard


Bang & Olufsen today at the International Consumer Electronic Show showcased a unique in-wall subwoofer and speaker design that’ll have your guests guessing about their true identities. The integrated speaker solution is comprised of two-way active speakers (BeoLab 15), an active subwoofer (BeoLab 16) and a rack-ready amplifier (Amplifier 1)-all created specifically for in-wall or in-ceiling placement.

The design of the BeoLab 15 speaker is distinct but discreet, with a motorized tilt function that directs audio where you want it. Turn on the system, and the speaker automatically tilts out to pre-set angles (up to 45 degrees from the original flush position) to direct the sound for optimal listening. Turn off the system, and BeoLab 15 tilts back to flush position.

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BeoLab 15 is a closed-cabinet, two-way active speaker with a ¾” tweeter and a 3” midrange. Each driver in the system’s active speakers is powered by its own amplifier.
“This active built-in sound solution was conceived for installations where people want great sound without having to find room for freestanding speakers,” explains Bang & Olufsen product manager, Michael Jensen. “The combination of two speakers and a subwoofer – all built-in, all with drivers powered by separate amps – deliver a premium sound experience throughout the room. Additionally, the motorized tilt adds a touch of practical magic to enhance the listening experience.”

The BeoLab 16 active subwoofer is designed in the same circular shape as the speakers, and comprises two pairs of 4” woofers separate sealed cabinets.

Rounding out the system is Amplifier 1, which contains six separate amplifiers. Two Class D units rated at 2 x 150 watts power up the subwoofer. Each BeoLab 15 gets 150 watts for the midrange, and 45 watts for the tweeter.

The new BeoLab 15, BeoLab 16 and Amplifier 1 sound solution is available at selected Bang & Olufsen stores from January 2013. Priced at $4595 for the entire solution – pair of BeoLab 15 speakers, BeoLab 16 and the Amplifier 1.


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