Bang & Olufsen Packs Style into Surround System

The BeoLab 14 is available in a 4.1 or a 5.1 digital surround sound set.


By now, we’re kind of used to Bang & Olufsen putting out some pretty crazy AV products. What we’re not all that used to is seeing them offer a complete sound solution with that signature style. Well, here comes the BeoLab 14.

The BeoLab 14 is a full surround speaker system, available in a 4.1 or a 5.1 configuration.

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Measuring just under 16cm in diameter, each satellite speaker has active 2.5-inch treble and midrange drivers and its own amplifier. Each speaker also has an anodized aluminum build with exchangeable fabric covers that are available in white, black, silver, dark grey, red and petroleum blue.

The super-cool, 280-watt subwoofer has separate amplifiers for each of the speakers in the system and an 8-inch downward-facing driver for frequencies down to 26Hz. Other features include a Digital Signal Processor, Adaptive Bass Linearization, a room adaptation switch, line sense, Power Link connections for Bang & Olufsen components, and an AV multi-connector for other components.

“BeoLab 14 is the result of a lot of work with our Listening Panel,” says Jens Rahbek, senior sound engineer in B&O’s R&D department. “Even with the very best components, sound is a subjective experience. We tune our speakers in a process that includes hours of listening — by different people, in different room environments, at different stages of development — in order to achieve sound that is as close as possible to what the original artist intended.”

Each speaker in the BeoLab 14 setup comes with floor and shelf stands, as well as wall and ceiling mounts.

Two BeoLab 14 packages will be available starting next month. The 4.1 solution is designed for use with B&O TVs, with four satellite speakers, the subwoofer, and a $3,995 MSRP. The 5.1 system will add in another speaker for a total of $4,395.


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