Bang & Olufsen Built-in Sound System Packages Up 3 Products

The setup includes the BeoLab 15, the BeoLab 16 and the Amplifier 1.


Bang & Olufsen is pretty well known for its stylish products — and its prices. Now, the company is putting together a little package deal for its customers, announcing the built-in sound system at the 2013 International CES.

The system includes the BeoLab 15 speakers and the BeoLab 16 subwoofer, which are all created for in-wall or in-ceiling placement. Rounding out the package is the rack-ready Amplifier 1.

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Designed for spaces where free-standing speakers aren’t possible (or wanted), the built-in sound solution features drivers powered by separate amps and a motorized tilt. The BeoLab 15 is a closed cabinet, two-way speaker with a 0.75-inch tweeter and a 3-inch midrange. That unit can be tilted up to 45 degrees from the default position. The BeoLab 16 has two pairs of 4-inch woofers in separate sealed cabinets.

Finally, that Amplifier 1 features six separate amplifiers. It has two class-D units rated at 2×150 watts for the subwoofer, while each BeoLab 15 gets 150 watts for the midrange and 45 watts for the tweeter. B&O also says that Adaptive Bass Linearization will keep the deep bass cultivated and crisp all the way down to 45 Hz.

“The motorized tilt functionality brings a touch of magic to an in-wall, in-ceiling speaker. It offers something unexpected to the listening experience and also makes the performance and acoustical sound stage so much better,” states Zean Nielsen, president of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc. “There is no doubt that the BeoLab 15/16 built-in sound solution will resonate well with the North American consumer. Its design, custom installation and natural aluminum finish makes it second to none in its category.”

The BeoLab 15 and BeoLab 16 are available in matte aluminium, with the 15s getting fabric covers in either white or black. B&O will start selling the sound solution this month with a pair of BeoLab 15 speakers, the BeoLab 16, the Amplifier 1, and an MSRP of $4,595.


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