Auralex Ships SubDude-HT Subwoofer Isolator

The next-gen product promises improved low-end frequency response.


The SubDude-HT pictured with a subwoofer (not included).

Need some better boom for your room? Auralex Acoustics wants to help. The company has just started shipping its SubDude-HT Subwoofer Isolator.

Auralex says that this is a larger lower-profile version of the company’s SubDude system. It actually “floats” the subwoofer, promising better acoustical isolation.

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Designed to work with most subwoofers, the SubDude-HT has 0.75-inch velour-covered MDF with a 1-inch base of Auralex PlatFoam to decouple the sub from the floor. That sort of cushion allows listeners to get uninterrupted subwoofer sound, without an interference.

Measuring 22-by-17-by-1.75 inches, the SubDude-HT is available now.


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