Auralex Acoustics Debuts ProFusor II Fabric Wrapped Sound Diffusor

The new product keeps sound waves from grouping without removing acoustic energy.


Auralex Acoustics is ready to party — and they’re going to be rather loud about it. They’re entitled. The company is getting ready to celebrate its 35th anniversary and they’re going to come to the party packing the new ProFusor II Fabric Wrapped Sound Diffusor.

The ProFusor II is designed to deal with flutter echo, all without removing acoustic energy in the room or changing the sound’s frequency content.

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Auralex says that adding the ProFusor II will make a small space seem large and a large space even larger. The end result is a larger sweet spot and a better overall listening experience.

Designed for use in home theaters, listening rooms and commercial applications, the quadratic residue diffusor comes in two sizes: the ProFusor22 is 2′-by-2′-by-3″ and the ProFusor24 is 2′-by-4′-by-3″. The company’s five color options include ebony, pumice, mesa, sand and shadow.


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