Audyssey Debuts Low Frequency Containment Technology

The company's latest keeps you from disturbing the neighbors by keeping sound contained.


Sometimes sharing is not a good thing. For instance, you may love booming bass, but your neighbors probably don’t. Audyssey just announced its Low Frequency Containment (LFC) technology, which is designed to contain some of those low frequencies and keep them from traveling through walls.

High frequencies are usually stopped by the walls, but those low ones sure like to travel. Audyssey researchers have worked to determine those wandering ranges. LFC is like a filter in that the process identifies and reduces the level of those frequencies, and applies psychoacoustic processing to restore the perception of low bass for listeners that are actually in the room. However, it only applies the technology to the “offending” frequencies.

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In other words, you can keep your thumps, bumps and hums to yourself.

“As home theater evolved over the years, bass became fundamental to the movie-watching experience. But for anyone in the next room or next door, it is also the biggest nuisance,” said Chris Kyriakakis, Audyssey’s CTO. “It’s very difficult to acoustically isolate a room because it involves additional construction. We researched how bass wavelengths interact with wall materials and we created a technology that solves the problem at the source.”

Expect Audyssey LFC to start popping up in receiver products this September.


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