AudioControl Announces Architect Model 210 Amplifier

The new component boasts high power, energy efficiency and speaker control features.


We need more power! AudioControl seems to have the solution, with its new Architect Model 210 amplifier.

According to the company, the Architect Model 210 can drive eight speakers (stable into 2 ohms) comfortably, but also in an energy-efficient manner. Boasting 240 watts per channel into 2 ohms with bridged power of 410 watts, the unit promises ultra low current consumption of less than 1 watt during standby, as well as custom speaker optimization controls and a PFM Subsonic Filter for speaker protection.

“The AudioControl Architect Model 210 is a perfect amplifier for distributed audio systems as its huge power reserves make it ideal for use in large spaces or zones that require the use of multiple speakers,” explains Chris Kane of AudioControl. “In addition to its tremendous power capabilities, the Architect Model 210 provides superb sound quality as it utilizes the same characteristics as AudioControl’s legendary home audio amplifiers. A noted reviewer of AudioControl amplifiers actually proclaimed, “‘I haven’t heard an amplifier at any price I’d rather listen to.’”

AudioControl is now shipping the Architect Model 210. Contact one of the manufacturer’s dealers for pricing info.


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