Audioaccess Ships PX-800 Audio Router

The 16-source, 16-zone audio router is available now.


So many audio sources, so little time. Of course, you may not have the time you want to spend on audio, but there are ways you can easily enjoy all of that equipment once you’re ready to rock out. Audioaccess just announced the PX-800, a new 16-source, 16-zone audio router.

The PX-800 is designed to route 16 sources to 16 separate zones, but it’s also very versatile. Those zones can be combined in up to 10 different groups or programmed to go to all of the zones. You can even have a zone with independent tone or 10-band EQ, or combine it for 2.1 playback.

Audioaccess says that the PX-800 can also support the company’s KPS-101 legacy keypads when the system is hooked to the new CPC-800 Control Protocol Converter.

“What’s new is the modern controls available to make the PX-800 stand up and dance,” says Jeff Hipps, senior VP for sales and marketing. “Whether you choose IP, IR, RS-232 or third-party control, we’ve made certain the PX-800 is up to the task.”

Audioaccess is shipping the PX-800 now, with an MSRP of $2,195.


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