Atlantic Technology Resurrects IWTS-5 LCR and IWTS-10 LCR In-Wall Speakers

The two popular models are making a comeback, with affordable pricing.


Atlantic Technology IWTS-5 LCR Speaker.

Atlantic Technology is welcoming back two old favorites. The company just announced plans to resurrect two of its popular speakers, the IWTS-5 LCR and the IWTS-10 LCR.

The company decided to ditch these in-wall models back in 2008. However, due to popular dealer demand, Atlantic is bringing both speakers back into the lineup.

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Each in-wall model has a 1-inch pivoting silk-dome tweeter and a front-mounted high-frequency level control. The single-woofer IWTS IWTS-5 LCR and the dual-woofer IWTS IWTS-10 LCR both have Atlantic’s 6.5-inch injection molded, graphite loaded driver. The IWTS-10 has an M-T-M (midrange-tweeter-midrange) configuration, which boasts great coverage throughout the room.

“When the bubble burst, it was a disaster for the in-wall speaker business,” said Lawrence Davis, Atlantic Technology’s VP of sales and marketing. “While most of our dealers found ways to adapt to new market realities, the new-construction market all but dried up. Dealers now asked for complete in-wall speakers, and several asked, ‘why don’t you bring back the IWTS-5 and IWTS-10 LCR?’ We developed new woofers and tweeters with the same characteristics as the earlier drivers, so they are essentially the same speakers, but maybe a little better thanks to the new drivers.”

Atlantic Technology is selling the IWTS-5 LCR and the IWTS 10 LCR now for $275 and $475, respectively. Grill frames are included and an IN-NC/5-10 Optional New Construction kit is also available with an MSRP of $50 each.


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