Atlantic Technology Debuts 5 Stealth Ceiling Speakers

The ICTS-6HT can be used as any front speaker, while the other four fall into the Trim-Look Ceiling category.


The TLC-8.3 is one of the top Trim-Look Ceiling speakers.

Not all sound needs to be flaunted. If you’re in need of a stealth solution, Atlantic Technology has five new ceiling speakers to conceal sound from your eyes, while making music (and other sounds) for your ears.

First up is the ICTS-6HT. This in-ceiling speaker is designed to be used as any of the front channels (left, center, right) in a home theater system. The versatility comes from the speaker’s 6.5-inch polypropylene woofer, which is mounted at a 15-degree angle. That way, it can be directed towards the listener. This is all while the tweeter is offering up to 30 degrees of pivoting action.

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The same speaker features built-in tweeter level controls and a woofer-level/boundary compensation adjustment. This one is available now for $400 each.

If you can wait a few weeks, Atlantic will soon unleash four new speakers under the Trim-Look Ceiling line. Each of these has a thin magnetic grille, which is designed to disappear into the decor.

The top two models, the TLC-6.3 and TLC-8.3, are Tri-Mode speakers with dual-voice-coil woofers and two pivoting tweeters. Each one has separate left- and right-channel input terminals, input jumpers and a built-in bipole/dipole switch. All of that means they can be used for mono, single-point stereo, or as a surround speaker.

Two other Trim-Look models, the TLC-6.2 and TLC-8.2, are a bit more conventional. The single-channel 6.5- and 8-inch (respectively) two-way speakers each have a 1-inch soft dome tweeter that can pivot up to 30 degrees for customized listening.

All four of the Trim-Look Ceiling speakers are expected to ship during the last week of March. The TLC-6.3 and TLC-8.3 will be priced at $325 and $450, respectively. The TLC-6.2 has an MSRP of $250 each, with the TLC-8.2 coming in at $325.


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