Arcbazar Allows Strangers to Bid on Your Home Theater Remodel

The crowdsourcing platform allows homeowners to reach out for help from designers around the world.


We know that a lot of you seek out tech support through websites, such as the AVS Forum. However, a new website called Arcbazar is hoping to lure you over via its unique crowdsourcing platform.

Arcbazar is a Cambridge-based start-up that invites homeowners to post projects and design challenges online. From there, it’s pretty much Thunderdome. According to Arcbazar, designers from around the world will actually review and compete to offer a customized concept for your home.

So really, no actual work is getting completed through Arcbazar. However, you should walk away from the website with your dream blueprint.

User Michael C. was looking to develop a home theater in an unfinished basement. He had specs and an idea for a small stage in the front for his children to use. He put his wants and needs up on Arcbazar, and ended up with 12 submissions from all over the world. The winning submission came from Serbia.

Some of the 12 submissions for Michael’s home theater project.

The winning submission.

Each project is personalized, but also anonymous. In other words, neither the designers’ nor the clients’ identity is disclosed during the competition period. However, designers can communicate with clients by posting questions through the product page, as well as adding text, images and other relevant files.

According to the website, the designer pool is made up of young professionals in their early careers, which includes architectural designers, interior designers and landscape designers from all around the globe.

Arcbazar doesn’t have a membership fee. However, you do have to put up some type of monetary reward for the winning designs (the award for Michael’s theater was $1,138). To get another peek at the Arcbazar process, check out the video below.

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