App Alert: Yamaha’s Android AV Controller

The company recently announced this update, which adds receiver and Blu-ray control to any Android device.


We’re used to seeing Apple devices have all of the fun. Now, Yamaha has added a little something for all of you Android users.

Recently, the company launched the Android AV Controller. This allows Android users to power up and control select Yamaha Blu-ray players and AV receivers.

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The app provides limited control over compatible devices. Don’t worry about that limited functionality, however; Yamaha says that it has all of the features that you use the most. It can flip through sources, such as iPods, web radio, and more, providing meta-data info on that Android device’s display. It also provides access to power, volume and muting features. For those using a Blu-ray player, you can play, stop and fast forward. One other nifty perk is being able to access DSP and SCENE modes, as well as available AV receiver zones.

If you’re worried about putting all of that control into your pocket, there is a demo mode to help get you started.

To use the Android AVC Controller app, you will need AndroidOS 2.1 or higher and a wireless network. Of course, you also need a compatible Yamaha Network product, with Network Standby settings on.

The Android AVC Controller app works with the following receivers: RX-A3010, RX-A3000, RX-A2010, RX-A2000, RX-A1010, RX-A1000, RX-A810, RX-A710, RX-V3900, RX-V3071, RX-V3067, RX-V2071, RX-V2067, RX-V2065, RX-V1067, RX-V871, RX-V867, RX-V771, RX-V671, RX-Z7, HTR-9063, HTR-8063, HTR-6295, HTR-6064, DSP-AX3900, and the DSP-Z7. It’s also compatible with these Blu-ray players: BD-A1010, BD-S671, BD-A1000, BD-S1067

Yamaha’s Android AVC Controller app is available now in several languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

App: Android AV Controller
Find it Here: Android Marketplace
Cost: Free


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