App Alert: Home Theater Glossary

This app is like having an AV know-it-all in the palm of your hand.


Audio and video can be really cool. It can also be really confusing. Thankfully, there’s the Home Theater Glossary.

Instead of running to the web or faking your way through a conversation, this app puts a ton of AV terms at your fingertips.

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Let’s get one thing straight: The Home Theater Glossary is not a brand-new app. That said, knowing what you’re talking about never gets old, right?

From frequency response to contrast ratio, this extremely helpful app provides an easy reference point. The app itself allows you to search for terms or browse alphabetically. Developer Deep Powder Software says that they also welcome feedback — directly through the app. That means if you see something missing or incorrect, you can contact them to make it right.

This app used to be available for all platforms. However, it seems to have disappeared from iTunes. At last peek, Android users could still snap this one up for $2.90.

App: Home Theater Glossary
Find it Here: Android Market
Cost: $2.90


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