Anthony Gallo’s Strada 2 is Like a Massage for Your Ears

The funky shaped speaker will be on display at next week's 2013 CES.


Anthony Gallo Acoustics sure makes some pretty speakers. The company is very well known for its round speakers, but now they are adding a new shape into the mix with the Strada 2.

The new speaker isn’t round, square or even trapezoid. It sort of looks like a back massager, if anything. It’s a conversation starter for sure. However, this unit is designed to massage your ears with excellent sound.

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Part of the Strada 2′s design includes updated driver technology and a brand new drive circuit for the proprietary CDT 3 tweeter. Perfect for home theater or desktop use, the Strada 2 also boasts a recalibrated dispersion/wave launch pattern and increased overall efficiency.

“I was very excited when we developed the original Strada, but the new version goes places I didn’t think were possible,” says Anthony Gallo, founder of AGA. “What impressed me most was the Strada 2′s ability to make most bad recordings still sound enjoyable, and better recordings sound amazing. From whisper-soft volume levels to extremely loud, the speakers create a vivid, crystal-clear 3D soundstage that resonated with me at an emotional level like I’ve never experienced before. That’s when I knew we had a real winner.”

Anthony Gallo Acoustics will have the Strada 2 at next week’s 2013 International CES. The company will be camped out in Venetian during the show’s January 8-11 run.


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