Anthem Ships Statement M1 Amplifier

Anthem promises to crank up everything you know about Class D amplifiers.


Back in September, Anthem was showing off the Statement M1 amplifier. Your limited patience has paid off, because the component is now shipping.

Anthem says that the M1 can teach even the most discerning audiophile a few new tricks about Class D amplification. Promising 2,000 watts with a 4-ohm load, the M1 features a proprietary load monitoring system, Power Factor Correction, and a fan-less design. Also, because the frequency response is load-independent, the manufacturer says that the difference between 4 ohms and 8 ohms is pretty much non-existent.

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Because the unit has a heat-pipe cooling system and deep side-mounted heat sinks, multiple M1s can be rack-mounted right on top of each other.

Of course, whether you have one or more M1s, the end result promises a flawless performance, stability into even the most difficult loads, flat frequency response, and much more.

“The Anthem design team conceptualized the M1 almost 10 years ago, illustrating just how much in-house design and engineering went into producing this amplifier,” said Mark Aling, Anthem’s director. “More than just a slim, technologically advanced monaural, the M1 demonstrates that Class D architecture isn’t fundamentally flawed, it merely hasn’t been implemented well in the past, mainly because it required such a heavy commitment to R&D. We’re fortunate to have the resources necessary to create such a groundbreaking product and strongly believe our customers will appreciate the effort.”

The Anthem Statement M1 is shipping now, with an MSRP of $3,499.


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