Amazon Opens ‘Never Before on DVD’ Store

The retailer is adding a few exclusives to its vast movie lineup.


Need to watch The Leftovers? Not sure why you wouldn’t need to do that. This 1986 Disney film features both John Denver and Cindy Williams. Now are you interested? Well, just click over to Amazon’s new Never Before on DVD store.

The retailer just launched this section of its site, which will add 2,000 previously unreleased titles via its CreateSpace DVD on Demand service. There are titles from Disney, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, as well as content from TV networks.

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Not to worry; there are plenty of titles worth watching. Those that aren’t? Well, Amazon just won’t make them. The retailer’s CreateSpace DVD on Demand service only manufacturers titles based on consumer demand. So they won’t end up in a bargain bin (or landfill) and won’t run out of stock, either.

If you’re not into adding more discs to your collection, Amazon says that they will also offer many of the new titles digitally through Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video.

“The Never Before on DVD store is a great place for fans to discover thousands of films and television series they’ve been waiting for on DVD,” said Brad Beale, director of digital video content acquisition for Amazon. “In addition to being available on DVD, many titles are available digitally to enjoy right away through Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video. We will continue working to bring our customers even more great video content on DVD as well as digitally.”


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