AirFlex5D Enables Projector-Stacking 3D

Processors allow for dual projectors to produce 3D images.


The 3D fervor has subsided since its peak a little over a year or so ago, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still interested in the technology.

There are many products and solutions that are currently available in the market, and within the 3D category the video experts typically recommend employing a multiple projector solution if possible to produce full 1080p stereoscopic imagery.

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AirFlex5D is a company affiliated with screen manufacturer Elite Screens and its AirFlex5D-60 series of processors are designed to provide custom electronics professionals with a 3D processing unit that facilitates the stacking of projectors for 3D applications.

At the heart of the AirFlex5D 60 series the company says is its Q-Stack technology that aligns multiple projectors down to the pixel. AirFlex5D says the processors work with resolutions up to 1920×1080 while supporting deinterlacing, scaling and image enhancement.

The line of products also offer video wall options, including the ability to crop, split and magnify images within a video-wall display. Some of the other image manipulation functions the products incorporate include Matrox VGA, Video Wall + and Flat Screen Edge Blending.

Its list of 3D options includes geometric correction for curved or dome-screen installations, and AirFlex5D offers an optional kit that it says provides professional, theater-grade passive 3D performance in either a circular or linear format with lenses and glasses that are also included.

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