Add a High-Tech Bookshelf to Your AV Room

A bookshlef can be a helpful technology tool


Bookshelves hold a stigma of being a bit old-fashioned, and well, a design element of a room that’s boring and stodgy. Erase that stereotype from your mind. With a few additions, modifications a tweaks, your bookshelf can function as an integral part of a modern, high-tech hangout. And don’t worry. There will still be room for your beloved books.

1. Strip Lighting. By lining the shelf with strips of LED lighting, you can turn a bookshelf into a visual showpiece of the room. Colored lights will make it even more interesting to look at.

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2. Loudspeakers. With speakers diminishing in size and with a huge assortment of wireless models available, the bookshelf offers an ideal spot to stow a couple of speakers. It’ll save you valuable floorspace, and is a much easier install that having to recess speakers into the wall or ceiling.

3. Keypads. If you’ve ever thought about investing in a control system, keypads are sure to come along with the package. If your bookshelf is located near the entry of the room, you can mount the keypad on the wall inside one of the shelves. Located here, it’s discreet, yet easy to get to.

4. Audio Diffuser. The shelves that make up a bookcase are inherently useful for the quality reproduction of audio. Particularly in rooms with lots of hard surfaces, the shelves can help diffuse sound from speakers so that the audio scatters evenly throughout a room.

Here you’ll find a media room that uses bookshelves to hide Snell Acoustics speakers and a Lutron lighting keypad (hidden in the spine of a book).

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