ADAM Audio Packs Big Sound into Compact ARTist System

The six-speaker package promises big sound for those smaller settings.


Earlier this year, we got to listen to ADAM Audio’s ARTist 5 active monitor. Now, the company is packing a pair of those speakers into a full 5.1 audio setup.

ADAM Audio just announced plans to demo the ARTist Series 5.1 Surround System at next month’s CEDIA Expo.

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The setup uses a pair of those ARTist 5 monitors as the rear channels. The company also includes a pair of ARTist 6 speakers for the left and right front channels, an ARTist Center, and an ARTist Subwoofer to complete the 5.1 package.

Designed to deliver big sound to smaller rooms, the set should be easy to place, thanks to its compact dimensions. Each unit has ADAM’s X-ART tweeters, a sophisticated woofer, electronic crossover and two built-in 25-watt amplifiers for each driver. Other features include individual volume controls for balancing the system and bass controls for additional tweaking. Each speaker also has plenty of inputs, including RCA and XLR, a 3.5mm mini stereo jack, and a USB port.

Available with a high gloss finish, the ARTist Series 5.1 Surround System works in home theater and home office settings.


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