ADA Updates Cinema Reference Series with Mach IV Processor

The new product was modeled after the company's original 1996 Cinema Reference.


The original Cinema Reference certainly had a nice ride. Audio Design Associates (ADA) debuted the product back in 1996, and the preamplifier has since been a popular choice for high-end home theater use.

That said, the company was ready for a little change. ADA just introduced the Cinema Reference Mach IV. The new processor includes a 7-inch 1080p front-panel touchscreen that can display a video preview as well as walk users through setup and settings adjustments.

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Around the back, the processor has plenty of connection options, including eight HDMI inputs with dual mirror HDMI outputs.

“Our dealers are quickly realizing that preamps with four or five HDMI inputs are limited right out of the box,” said Albert Langella, ADA’s president and chief design engineer. “By the time you connect a set-top box, Blu-ray, game console, Apple TV, and camcorder, you are out of inputs. We made certain that in addition to 12 audio-only components, you could connect at least eight AV sources directly to the Cinema Reference. And naturally, all switching is HDMI 1.4 3D-compliant.”

The Mach IV also has a built-in TEQ-16 16-channel Trinnov electronic room correction optimizer, which boasts a purely digital path with no A/D or D/A conversion in between processing and post-processing stages.

“ADA’s ‘Reference’ pedigree has always been associated with state-of-the-art.” notes Richard Stoerger, ADA’s vice president and C.O.O. “For us, to label a home cinema pre/pro with our ‘Reference’ moniker, the unit must exceed the imagination of even the most ardent enthusiast. The Cinema Reference Mach IV, the fourth generation in a 15-year love affair with home cinema is in my opinion, the finest home theater controller ever produced.”


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