ADA Adds HDMI 1.4 to 2 Preamps

Audio Design Associates is adding HDMI version 1.4 circuitry to its Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV and Suite 7.1 HD Home Theater Controllers.


Audio Design Associates (ADA) is kicking off the week with an upgrade to two of its existing products. The company just announced plans to add brand new HDMI version 1.4 circuitry to the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV and the Suite 7.1 HD Home Theater Controllers.

That means that both products will now be able to support customers looking to experience 3D at home.

“Frankly, being 3D-capable is a major step forward for ADA as our preamplifiers feature eight HDMI inputs and dual-mirror outputs and not just four HDMI inputs with a single output,” said Richard Stoerger, vice president and COO. “With all current and future technology moving over to HDMI connectivity, having only four inputs is extremely limiting. As you continue to connect media playing devices to your home cinema, you will quickly run out of inputs and that’s not good.”

As Stoerger said, both products have eight HDMI inputs each, as well as dual-mirror HDMI outputs so you can connect to an HDTV and a projector. Other features on each include eight digital audio inputs, network jacks and low-voltage triggers. The Suite 7.1 HD also has four analog stereo inputs, with the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV packing eight stereo inputs, an eight-channel bypass input, record audio outputs and a second crossover (analog).

The Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV is available in two versions: with balanced audio outputs on the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B, or the original Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV, which has non-HDMI video switching including eight composite, S-Video and component inputs.

Both new products are available, along with new prices. The Suite 7.1 HD retails for $5,799 and the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV is priced at $7,799. Each product is priced $300 up from its HDMI 1.3 predecessor.

ADA says that upgrade paths for existing customers will be announced sometime in Q2, along with dates for the TEQ Trinnov-based room correction system.


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