Acoustics First Unleashes PhaseFOAM Acoustical System

Acoustics First Corporation boasts better sound in home theaters, listening rooms, gaming environments, and more.


It would be nice if you could just install a screen, an audio system, and call it a day. However, not all homes and all rooms sound the same. For this purpose, there’s PhaseFOAM.

PhaseFOAM is a brand new acoustical system from Acoustics First Corporation. Designed for a variety of audio applications, PhaseFOAM allows users to configure the sound and room design using one of two simple acoustic foam kits.

PhaseFOAM Box A comes packing 16 pieces of 1′-by-1′-by-2″ thick high-density wedge pattern acoustical foam. The company says that this kit can absorb sound, prevent phase cancellations, and design visual interest. Box B has two pairs of Triangle Traps, for corner configurations and installation direct to a wall or ceiling. This kit boasts provide low-frequency sound absorption for anywhere in the room.

Perfect for home theaters, as well as music rooms, listening rooms, gaming rooms, and other audio applications, each of the PhaseFOAM kits is available now for $125 each.


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