Aaudio Imports Brings $40K Lansche Speakers to U.S.

Aaudio Imports is adding Germany's Lansche No. 5.1 Three-Way Loudspeaker to its offering.


Say welcome! Supplier Aaudio Imports just announced plans to introduce the No. 5.1 Three-Way Loudspeaker into its product offering.

The No. 5.1 Three-Way Loudspeaker is a product made by Germany’s Lansche Audio. It’s designed to produce natural sound, from an incredibly pretty package.

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Promising no restrictions in dynamic range, frequency spectrum or reproducibility, both Lansche and Aaudio Imports say that this speaker model will transport listeners into the middle of the audio experience.

Yes, it’s that lifelike — and it had better be. This model starts at $40,000 per pair for the satin veneer finish, with a high-gloss veneer or piano black lacquer costing an extra $5,000.

Other features include a new and improved version of Lansche’s hallmark Corona Plasma Tweeter, a new midrange driver from Audio Technologies, a new crossover design, and even a slightly taller cabinet (41 inches high) to admire. Inside, there’s a 4-inch cone driver for midrange frequencies, two 8.7-inch long-throw drivers for bass, the Corona Plasma Tweeter for higher frequencies, and a passive bass reflex port.

Inputs include one for the midrange frequencies and tweeter, one for the bass, and a bi-wiring terminal on the back that can be adjusted to match the room’s acoustics.

Aaudio Imports says that the Lansche No. 5.1 Three-Way Loudspeaker is available now.

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