A V Impact With Stealth

A stunning interior design is matched by views from a JVC D-ILA 3D projector and a 133-inch Screen Innovations display.


Superlative design and attention to detail is the hallmark of any great theater room—and that goes for the interior design and the audio/video systems design. This gorgeous space scores high on both, showcasing the performance of a JVC D-ILA 3D projector, a 133-inch Screen Innovations display, Onix speakers and SVS Legato subwoofers in a regal-looking theater with a hand-painted dome.

The Tuscan-style theater was envisioned by the homeowners, who put equal emphasis on both interior design and audio/video performance. “It was very important that the theater be warm and inviting,” says Zach Campbell, director of integration at Forefront Innovation, The Woodlands, Texas. “They wanted something more than the stereotypical dark home theater.” The second-floor theater would be a place where the owners could relax with friends and family or host charity events, so hiding the components and speakers was imperative.

One of the biggest challenges in creating a room uncluttered by technology was trying to fit the side and rear surround speakers into cabinets that were built smaller than the given specifications, causing Campbell and his team to adjust on the fly. The solution was to build a 1.5-inch platform within the cabinet for the speakers to sit upon. “The trim on the bottom of the cabinet made it too shallow, so by raising the speaker up, we fixed the problem,” says Campbell. Forefront installed two SVS Legato dual passive, 12-inch ported cylinder subwoofers in the front right cabinet, while the Onix speakers are located in doors covered with acoustically transparent speaker cloth on the left and right sides of the screen. You’re not only able to hear the heart-pounding bass, but you can actually feel the low-frequency sounds and bass through the ButtKicker transducers in the seating, says Campbell.

The homeowners designed the theater’s interior personally, commissioning artist Uli Kuess to paint a detailed mural on a dome in the ceiling. The mural is surrounded by plush, acoustically diffusive red fabric, which was draped by the lady of the house herself. To keep sound from escaping to neighboring rooms, the theater is insulated all around with closed cell foam with soundboard and Sheetrock.

“The homeowners are very happy with the outcome of the theater from both a technical and interior design standpoint,” says Campbell. “Projects like these, where homeowners are personally involved, are very rewarding.”


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