A Tour Through a Multimedia Mansion

Each Samsung LED TV gets it's own Marantz Blu-ray player.


All home theaters are not equal. A home theater for a studio apartment is going to be vastly different than one for a 3-bedroom home. But what kind of theater befits the style, form and function of a multi-million dollar mansion? The owner of this home is a high-level executive at a world-class electronics company, so he knows a thing or two about technology. In outfitting his large home, approached The Source Home Theater, of Staten Island, N.Y. for advice.

Due to the homeowner’s lifestyle and viewing/listening habits, The Source recommended several independent, family-friendly, media rooms, each with it’s own local equipment and each with a unique feel to it. The electronic gear is stealthily hidden from sight so as to not distract from the decor of the room. Entertainment media sources include several Blu-ray players, an AppleTV, an Xbox360 with Kinect, PS3 and Wii. A NuVo Grand Concerto system supplies music throughout the house.

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